• Me: *during sex* ....i think i hear someone coming....
  • girl: ....who?



May you have enough money to pay your bills this month with a little extra left over for a bit of fun.

This is one of the nicest things to wish for someone

I might be 22, but I still need my mom. There’s so much drama going on at home rn… I honestly don’t even know where to begin. My moms leaving & telling me to stay w my aunt. Leaving me. Idk what I did. This isn’t even my fault. She said she needs to be alone, but I can be alone w you. Even if I was planning on moving out in January/February, I wanted to spend that time w you. To be w you every single day like it’s always been. Fuck, I don’t even get to see you everyday bc of my work schedule & you’re just gunna go.